About Me

Born and Based in Cork I have a background and training in Spiritual Healing, Bio-Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Life Coaching, Assemblage point realignment/ restoration together with 11 years of training and working with Shamanic Amazonian master plant medicines and native Irish plant medicines.


I had for many years been drawn to Holistic and alternative healing therapies, arising in part because I was seeking a different experience, a more fulfilling and meaningful life and also from the need to delve into myself to find understanding and awareness in which to be able to heal my personal early life traumas.


I dived into my own journey of healing, self-discovery and spiritual growth some 20 years ago. This journey has taken me on many roads, to many traditions and practices. Working with incredible shamans and inspiring spiritual teachers to taking courses on personal development, training and workshops on many holistic and alternative healing modalities. An oftentimes challenging path but I feel the rewards every day in witnessing my own transformation and growth and that of others who choose to come to the work.


This journey has taken me to places within and a healing I would not have thought possible.


I have been bestowed with many tools and gifts on the path, and am gently guided every day in supporting others on their healing journey. The focus and intention of my work is to empower you to become what it is you are seeking, to find the joy within and the harmony and balance to leading a fulfilling life. The greatest joy and rewards for me are in being the witness to the healing, transformation and change in people who feel called to come to the work.

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