My Approach

I work from a holistic perspective, in which depending on the client needs, I draw from a number of complimentary approaches, utilizing various alternative treatment modalities.


Holding a healing and supportive space whilst serving as a conduit for pure light, I facilitate the releasing of what no longer serves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Chakra clearing and balancing, aura clearing, aiding the release of imprints, roots, old patterning and ways of being and clearing distortion and gross energies from the Biofield to bring it back into balance.


Supporting the client towards a deeper understanding and expression of self and providing more clarity on whatever arises during a session. Including


  • Spiritual Healing
  • Bio- Energy Healing
  • Life Coaching
  • Aromatherapy


I utilize whatever tools that may be called on during the session such as intention, prayer, sound, smudging etc, that may facilitate the body to relax, release and heal.


The treatment may be experienced in different ways such as tingling, feeling hot, cold or movement of energy. The body may release through laughing, shaking, visions, crying, remembering, insights etc. Often nothing at all may be felt but a deep feeling of relaxation and peace may be experienced.


The work is supportive, subtle and gentle but profound results may be experienced, revitalising energy flow whilst supporting health and wellbeing.

Flower of Life
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