When we wish to change our outer world, we must begin by journeying inside to change our inner landscape.


We may do this by healing, uprooting, clearing and letting go of the imprints of physical, mental and emotional traumas that have become embedded and taken root in the Biofield.


In doing so, this restores balance to the Biofield, creating the energetic conditions for vitality, good health and wellbeing.

A beautiful healing space in Cork city offering personal treatments, group work and meditations.


The focus and intention of my work is to empower you to become what it is you are seeking…

Holistic Therapy

Holistic Healing

In shamanic tradition, the Biofield is seen as the blueprint which informs our world view…


Ongoing and occasional groups in The Healing Space include Tibetan Yoga’s of Tsa Lung, Bon tradition, Kriya Yoga…

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